The Global Fund
7th Replenishment Conference


The Global Fund

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Innovative Conferencing


New York City, New York, USA

Creating a showcase for large scale investment

How do you help a Global NGO raise billions of dollars?

What the Global Fund asked for

Every 3 years, the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, calls on global leaders, advocates, and partners to commit to defeating all 3 diseases, ending health inequity, and stopping preventable loss of life.

Catapult was asked to design, build and produce 4 core events in NYC at UNGA week with the GF team, that helped highlight their work, and create a case for large scale investment from countries, companies and multilateral partners.

Where our thinking led us

UNGA is the busiest week of the year in NYC. Not a quiet city to start with and we had to make our client's events be the ones to attend. Our audience included 18 Heads of State and Government, 45 countries, multilateral partners, private sector companies, civil society and community organisations.

We focused on design, quality and location coupled with visual impact, accessibility and messaging across all 4 events. We had to tell the story – the work of the Global Fund, the people who are on the frontline, the effect on entire communities, the impact it is having in saving lives and most importantly, what is needed to continue to rescue millions of people. We had to provide a platform for their myriad of contributors, whether that be activists, politicians, lobbyists or donors to be able to showcase, discuss, question and ultimately champion the organisation and its work.

What we did

We designed and produced 4 separate events with the Global Fund team. Their insight coupled with our experience led to a clear understanding of how to best utilise each event to tell one cohesive story to diverse partners.

The first event focused on the work of Global Fund. The people behind it, on the frontlines, delivering aid, running community care centres, working on policy change, raising awareness and funds, having a direct impact daily. It included government ministers, UN leaders, lobbyists and activists.

This was followed by two events that created engagement with funders, business leaders, corporations, highlighting the impact of their contributions, what future partnerships could result in, how they could help change millions of lives for the better. Global CEOs, celebrities, government strategists and multilateral leaders all attended, learned and became inspired.

The final event was the Replenishment Conference, where heads of State and ministers from across the globe stood up individually and announced their country’s contribution. The event was live broadcast around the world and was attended by 18 Heads of State and Government including USA, France, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Germany and the EU, as well as 45 countries and multilateral partners.

The Global Fund 7th Replenishment Conference raised over $14.25 billion – the most successful ever. This will result in contributing to saving 20 million lives and averting 450 million new infections. Without doubt the most impactful project we have ever worked on.


funds raised by The Global Fund 7th Replenishment Conference


cases of AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria treated


preventable infections averted

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