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Employee Experience.
Innovative Conferencing


Paris, France

Turning a corporate gathering into an inspirational think tank

How to get your most senior staff asking ‘What next?’

What Mastercard asked for

Innovate is one of Mastercard’s keystone strategic events attended by their most senior global team. Catapult’s task was to create a 3-day programme to inspire their most senior global team by demonstrating Mastercard’s position as a global technology force and innovation leader.

Where our thinking led us

History is hung on a timeline of exploration. It’s only by asking what’s next and why not that we drive progress and change. We delved into the latest trends and emerging technologies shaping the future, and how they could be harnessed to create a more innovative and interconnected world.

Powerful, memorable events need a unifying idea or ideal. So, to guide the experience design and programming for Mastercard, we devised a singular theme that would focus minds on the importance of pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities. That theme: Powering Possibilities.

What we did

It was never going to be enough to just headline the words “Powering Possibilities” around the conference venue and hope everyone would be inspired. The proof would be in the pudding so to say. To meet the promise of the theme, our 3-day experience programme was designed to provoke thought, stimulate debate, challenge accepted ways of doing things and stir the creative spark that lurks inside everyone.

Again and again over the 3 days, “Powering Possibilities” saw delegates and leaders asking “What next?” about their sector of the business – always, crucially, in an atmosphere that felt open, collaborative and safe. The focus was on the collective, with interactive collaborative sessions designed to confront conventions and set new horizons.

The 2023 Innovate Programme was designed to challenge each leader to leave Paris with the belief that when they come together anything is possible. Feedback from Mastercard’s C-suite team confirmed the purpose of sharing future strategies, setting new horizons and aligning leadership ambitions had all been achieved.

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