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Innovative Conferencing.
Environmental Design


Dublin, Ireland

Creating an engaging global summit for software-as-a-service business leaders

How could a software summit feel more like… Woodstock?

What SaaStock asked for

In 2016, business leaders in a sector of the software industry called “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) approached us.

Could we create a global summit that would attract and connect the most progressive SaaS business leaders from the world?

Where out thinking led us

The event had to draw in entrepreneurs, company builders, visionaries – in short, creators in their own sphere. Our client already had the name: SaaStock (from “SaaS” plus “stock”, as in “Woodstock”). Our job was to come good on the festival promise.

So we looked at festivals. Music festivals, art festivals, film festivals . We designed an aesthetic, an ambience and an overall vibe that could create something special, and not completely incongruous within the world of software expos and conferences.

What we did

We’re not experts in SaaS and we didn’t claim to know the audience. So we spent 9 months consulting with the client on who exactly their target audiences were – from start-ups to partners to investors to speakers and of course delegates themselves – and what would float their boats. We then set about fashioning an event that would meet their business needs and networking interests in a distinctive and enjoyable atmosphere, while embodying sustainable principles like longevity.

Our stage, stands and environmental design are completely festival-inspired. Exposed truss elements, reusable wooden exhibition stands and festival-style meeting areas peppered with food carts, stretch tents and festoon lighting all add up to make SaaStock feel convivial, upbeat, and fun.

Since 2016, SaaStock has grown and grown in popularity. In 2023 we hosted 150 exhibitors in a space spanning more than 9,000sqm. Attendances were up 35% with a 5,000-strong global SaaS community coming together to learn, do business, network and enjoy the festive buzz.


continuous increase in attendance year-over-year


global Saas community attending over the 3 days

networking requests in the SaaStock app alone


"We made the very easy decision to return to working on our Dublin conference with Catapult, and we signed a 3-year partnership with them.

The quality of their production, design and project management is top notch across both live and virtual events. In terms of their team, combined they have an abundance of knowledge and experience to ensure you have a smooth event.

They’re also an extremely affable and nice group of people to work with and always remain calm in the face of any challenges which makes working with them a positive experience from beginning to end."

Joe Byrne, Global Head of Event Operations, SaaScribe Media Ltd.

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